2005 Legend™ Zinfandel

2005 Legend™ Zinfandel

Restaurant Favorite

2005 Legend™ Zinfandel is a big jammy foothills Zin.

Big bold ripe fruit! This zinfandel is loaded with upfront fruit exploding with black cherry, raspberry and stone fruit flavors with a little touch of white pepper.

It boasts of a medium finish with easy balanced tannins and has been described as morphing into several different wines as the evening progresses.

Pair this with thick red sauces in spaghetti, pizza, steak, brisket, venison and Mexican food or enjoy 2005 Twisted Twig LEGEND™ Zinfandel as a great stand alone glass of wine.

Served best starting at 64°

2005 Legend™ Zinfandel
Bottle: $100
Wine Club Per Bottle: $90