2007 EPIC™ Cabernet Sauvignon

2007 EPIC™ Cabernet

Silver Medal Winner

2007 EPIC™ Cabernet Sauvignon is a huge wine for a silver medal winner.

Wow! This is a classic big Cabernet with bell pepper! It has tremendous complexity, is velvety and thick with the flavors of cassis and dried currant. It is slightly pungent and makes your mouth salivate wanting to break it down beginning with a full mouth feel right down the middle of your tongue. The black cherry color is so captivating that it coerces your imagination. The tannins are noticeable but light and balanced with a medium to long finish.

This wine screams for red meat. Pair this with anything from a nice juicy filet, rib eye or a med rare rack of lamb and you will be telling your friends about it the next day. Then again you might just say… Give me a glass of Cab please.

2007 EPIC™ Cabernet
Case: $456.00
Wine Club Per Case: $364.80
Bottle: $38.oo
Wine Club Per Bottle: $30.40