Twisted Twig Winery

About Twisted Twig® Winery

Twisted Twig® Winery is a boutique winery nestled in the Sierra Foothills between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, specializing in Ultra- Premium handcrafted California red wines.

We use a collaborative wine making approach, whereby throughout the entire wine making process we have a team of winemakers and consultants that taste our wines and give their input. Only after, sometimes hours of debate, testing and collaboration do we finally agree upon the best approach to maximize the potential for that vintage and harvest. This allows us to provide excellent drinkable wines year after year that the team agrees as being the finest wine we can produce. Our winemaking techniques range from a blend of the classic French wine farm tradition, American techniques and historical lessons.

Twisted Twig® Winery is quickly becoming recognized as one of the most consistent Ultra-Premium California Sierra Foothill wineries producing high quality very desirable sought after wines year after year.

Our wines can only be purchased at The Underground Tasting Room or ordered on-line for direct shipment or pick-up. If would like more information e-mail us your information and we will contact you with details about our upcoming events.